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The Gathering

The Gathering meets every Wednesday evening at 7pm in the Collegiate classroom on the Youth Wing.

This is a ministry to lift your spirits and help you get through the work week. We come together to pray for loves ones; those who are ill as well as shut-ins; discuss special issues; study the Bible; and sing uplifting songs.


Men's Group

The men's group is an informal get together, every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:00pm, to share and discuss life and our spiritual journey.


We share our triumphs and challenges in our relationship with Jesus and our Heavenly Father.  All men are invited to join as we breakout into the heart of God and encounter His presence.

The group meets at St. Augustine at the Lake Apartments Building 12 Apartment 19.


Women's Bible Study Group

This Grace Group is designed to empower and equip ladies as they continue their journey with God.

Specific DVD curriculums are used and studies are done on a weekly basis until the lessons are completed.  This study group meets quarterly for a few weeks, then they take a break before beginning a new curriculum.


The ladies meet every Thursday evening at 7pm in the sanctuary, view the DVD, then break off into small groups so the evening's lesson can be openly discussed.


New Perspective on Christianity

Do you desire to reflect more of Christ’s character in you life?  Do you desire a more meaningful study and prayer life?  Do you feel the need to reach out to others for Christ?
If so, you’re at the right place and at the right.


We will be starting a new study based on “40 days of Prayers and Devotions to Prepare for the Second Coming” by Pastor Dennis Smith.  This study is designed to strengthen your relationship with Christ and enable you to lead others to Him.

Please join us every Sabbath afternoon at 5:00 pm in the adult classroom on the south wing of the church.

Prayer Warriors

The Prayer Warrior ministry has as its mission to intercede on behalf of others to a Heavenly Father who is willing to hear our cries and pleas.


We know from experience that armies of Christians are willing and waiting to enlist as Prayer Warriors.  We urge you to stand among them.  We don't know how long the battle will go on, but praise God it is our destiny to win.  It is our destiny to be victorious through Christ Jesus.


The Prayer Warriors are also involved in other areas of our church such as but not limited to:  providing visitor's luncheon each Sabbath, hospital visits for the sick, nursing home visits, provide anointing service when requested, employ prayer walking of homes, businesses and schools as requested.


This ministry meets every Sabbath at 2:00pm after lunch in the Fellowship Hall.



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